Wyrd Sisters 

The Discworld: a topsy-turvy world, spinning lazily through space on four huge elephants standing on the back of the star-turtle Great A’Tuin.

A magical world: no more so than in Lancre, a tiny kingdom close to the very hub of the disc. But evil is afoot in Lancre: King Verence has been brutally murdered by Duke Felmet, who has assumed the throne; yet all is not lost – Verence’s baby son has been carried off and given into the care of three witches.

Can the Wyrd Sisters oust Duke Felmet and restore the true king to the throne? Or will Lady Felmet get away with her programme of hygienic urban clearance and environmental improvements? 


 (In order of appearance)

Granny Weatherwax: a witch                                  Jacky Kitchiner
Nanny Ogg: a witch                                                  Wendy Gibbons
Magrat Garlick: a witch                                            Jo Hopkin
Verence: late King of Lancre                                 Chris Virgo
Leonal Felmet: Duke of Lancre                            Paul Wheeler
Lady Felmet: his wife                                              Maddie Toye
Vitoller: an actor manager                                     Chris Virgo
Mrs Vitoller: his wife                                                Joan Airs
Fool                                                                            Paul Dunne
Tomjon:  son of Verence                                       Cai Brigden
Hwel: a playwright                                                   Andrew Scholefield
Sergeant                                                                   John Greenall
Demon                                                                      Sara Wheeler

Witches, Villagers and Soldiers etc
Jim Robinson, Ron Hewett, Jessica Hamish-Wilson,Trevor Heale, Liz Rhodes, John Greenall, Andrew Scholefield, Joan Airs, Sara Wheeler

Box Office                                 BERYL SNOWDEN,
Photographer                          NORMAN KENT
Prod. Co-ordinator                 ALAN STEVENS
Publicity & Posters                 PAUL WHEELER
Stage Manager                      JAN HULL
Wardrobe Co-ordinator        SARA WHEELER
Asst. Stage Manager             BERYL SNOWDEN
Design                                     TREVOR HEALE
Construction                           ALAN STEVENS TREVOR HEALE & CREW
Costumes Supplied by         ADMIRAL COSTUMES ,   SARA WHEELER
Sound                                       MICHELLE SCOTT 

Lighting                                    MARK HAMMOND

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