Twelfth Night 


William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, or What You Will is a comedy about a cross-dressing, ship-wreck surviving, poetry-loving girl who finds herself at the center of a not-so-average love triangle.

Twelfth Night, one of the best of Shakespeare’s mature comedies, is a play of lovers and their wooing. This play exemplifies various aspects of love: its sweetness, transitoriness, folly, and importance. It depicts various types of love: the melancholic love of Duke Orsino, hopelessly in love with love itself; the mourning love of Olivia for her dead brother; the mistaken love of the arrogant, humorless Malvolio; the true love of Viola for her master.

The Elizabethan audience, like audiences today, confronted themselves in characters who experience self-deception, deceit, illusion, and reality—all in the name of love.

Structurally, the play is an example of excellent workmanship with both the main plot and subplot superbly planned, embodying a variety of lively incidents. The characters, sharply drawn and completely formed, have in turn their moments on the stage, with no one overshadowing anyone else.


 Viola - Sarah de ROusset-Hall
Sebastian - Joshua Kay
Lady Olivia - Ava Lyn Koh
Duke Orsino - Paul Wheeler
Maria - Sara Wheeler
Sir Toby - Steve Brigden
Sir Andrew - Andrew Scholefield
Feste - Sam Cross
Fabian - Richard Moyo
Malvolio - John Drinkwater
Antonio - Jon West
Sea Captain/Priest - Carl Defriend
Valentine - John Harbey
Curio/Officer - David Hughes
Ladies in Waiting - Rachael Broughton, Wendy Gibbons, Maddie Toy.


Piano - Kenton Brigden and Ann Skelly


Director - Janthea Brigden
Musical Director - Kenton Brigden

Box Office - Becky Handley
Publicity - Nicky Ripley
Co-Ordinator - John Drinkwater


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