Things We Do For Love 


Love has its ups and downs, but this play is a whole other storey.

Barbara is resolutely single, having dedicated her life to her career as secretary to the powerful city executive Marcus. Her neat little world is as carefully and quietly organised as her neat little flat, with few distractions save the relentlessly cheerful Gilbert who lives downstairs. However, when an old school friend Nikki and her fiancé Hamish rent the flat upstairs, her life is turned upside down and back to front. When Barbara meets Hamish, it’s hate at first sight. Or is it?

As the hapless characters live up to the promise of the title, Ayckbourn combines pathos, farce and romance in an irresistible cocktail of ecstasy and embarrassment. A wondrous mix of domestic comedy and sexual tragedy, a raw, painful and uproarious evening.

If you've ever loved and lost, loved and left or just loved and lusted then Things We Do For Love will be just your thing...


Barbara Trapes - Sarah de Roussett-Hall

Nikki Wickstead - Faye Sillitoe

Hamish Alexander - Sam Cross

Gilbert Fleet - Andrew Scholefield


Lighting - Mark Hammond

Sound - Barny Daley

Stage Crew -  Paul Wheeler, John Drinkwater, Kat Whyte, Carl DeFriend

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