The Ghost Train 

It is a bleak night in November 1925 and the party of travellers have missed their connection with no prospect of a train till morning. There's no hotel nearby, no taxi, no choice but to stay in the waiting room.

They soon begin to regret this decision when the mysterious appearance of a glamorous lady and her sister, is quickly followed by ghostly and not so ghostly apparitions. Then the true reasons behind the night's events are suddenly revealed.

Written in seven days in 1925 Arnold Ridley’s (better known as Private Godfrey in Dads Army) “The Ghost Train” still retains its old fashioned fascination for today’s audiences. It has all the ingredients that were uppermost in the public’s mind just after the first world war with spies still the number one worry. Mix these with a remote railway station late at night and all sorts of things can be imagined. 


Saul Hodgkin                          Chris Virgo
Richard  Winthrop                  John Drinkwarer
Elsie Winthrop                        Joanne Hopkin
Charles Murdock                    Andrew Scholefield
Peggy Murdock                       Lee Noble
Miss Bourne                           Wendy Gibbons
Teddie Deakin                        Paul Wheeler
Julia Price                               Sara Wheeler
Harriot Price                           Jessica Hamish-Wilson
John Sterling                          Paul Dunne
PC Jackson                            Arthur Rowley


Director                                     MADDIE TOYE
Box Office                                 BERYL SNOWDEN
Official Photographer             NORMAN KENT
Co-ordinator                            ALAN STEVENS
Posters and Programme     PAUL WHEELER
Stage management              BERYL SNOWDEN
Lighting                                    MARK HAMMOND
Construction                           ALAN STEVENS,  MARTIN SNOWDEN & CREW
Design                                      BERYL SNOWDEN

Sound                                       ANDYLEWIS
Wardrobe                                THE COMPANY
Front of House                        ALAN STEVENS
Publicity                                    PAUL WHEELER
Prompt                                     JOAN AIRS

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