Table Manners 


The story centres around an extended family of two sisters and an older brother an their mates. Annie, the youngest of the tree, still lives at home tending to an elderly, bedridden mother we never see.

The action begins when Sarah and Reg (Annie’s older brother) arrive to give Annie the chance to escape for the weekend for a long needed rest. Fireworks begin almost immediately when Annie tells Sarah she is going away with her sister’s husband Norman. That pretty much sets the tone for the evening: and extended family whose members simultaneously despise each other and can’t get enough of each other.

The central figure is Norman, who needs desperately to be needed – by anyone. It’s almost hard to blame him, too, when you meet his wife, Ruth, a career-obsessed woman with little need for Norman

Rounding out the cast is Tom, the veterinarian neighbour whom everyone assumes is courting Annie (including, to some degree, Tom and Annie, even though the two haven’t ever declares or acted on it).


(In order of appearance)

Annie – Sara Wheeler
Sarah – Janthea Brigden
Tom – John Drinkwater
Reg - John Greenall
Norman - Paul Wheeler
Ruth - Elaine Greenall


Director - Beryl Snowden
Stage Manager - Jan Hull
Box Office - Beryl Snowden
Co-Ordinator - Alan Stevens
Construction - Alan Stevens and Crew
Sound - Sue King
Front of House - Alan Stevens and the Company
Assistant Stage Manager - Joan Airs
Photograpy - Norman Kent and Paul Wheeler Posters - Paul Wheeler
Lighting - Mark Hammond
Design - Beryl Snowden and Alan Stevens
Wardrobe - Admiral Costumes and the Company
Publicity - Paul Wheeler

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