Raising Hell by Ann Skelly : 16th - 19th June 2010


The LLTC would like to cordially invite you to attend the World Premiere of the Musical play ‘Raising Hell’.

If you thought Ab was Fab or Dinner Ladies was your favourite on the menu, you'll love this new musical comedy.

New start, new job, new challenge! But is this one challenge too far for fundraiser Juliette Kingston as she tries to organise the fundraising event of a lifetime?

How many things can go wrong, how many challenges must she face before she succeeds and wins the ultimate of prizes: a fundraising win! Meet the team at the “Royal Society for Children” including Edith, the 'Mrs Overall' of the charity world; Vanessa,Juliette's nemesis, who is willing her to fail and Tina the team temptress who always gets her man.

Glimpse the volunteers in their natural habitat who would believe how many ways they can raise money, selling their gardens, their coffee, their cakes, their talents.....

Finally as the big event begins, will Juliette pull it off, will Vanessa win the bet, will Tina get her man or will Edith just bring everything crashing down around them all?

Raising Hell is written by local author Ann Skelly and performed for the first time by LLTC.


RSFC Staff and Friends

  • Juliette - Jo Icke
  • Michelle - Maddie Toye
  • Tina - Sarah de Rousset-Hall
  • Edith - Wendy Gibbons
  • Beth - Rachael Broughton
  • Vanessa - Patricia Smith
  • Annabel - Helen Maltby
  • Greg - John Harbey
  • Hal - Joshua Kay
  • Clarissa Marquessa - Sara Wheeler
  • Martin Marquessa - Carl Defriend
  • Flag Day Guy - Simon Willis
  • Shop Manager - David Hughes
  • Customer - Andrew Sholefield
  • Jogging Man - Carl Defriend
  • Dirk - Andrew Sholefield
  • Richard - John Harbey

The Coffee Morning Ladies

  • Martha - Jacky Kitchiner
  • Helen - Jane Hopton
  • Susan - Helen Maltby
  • Matty - Joshua Kay
  • French Maid - Rachael Broughton
  • Policeman - Shaun McDermott

Staff and Guests at the Royal Event

  • Antoine - Joshua Kay
  • Phillipe - Simon Willis
  • Rosalind - Rachael Broughton
  • Her Royal Highness - Jacky Kitchiner
  • Body Guard - John Harbey
  • The Lady Marina of Salisbury - Jane Hopton
  • Sir Burnette of Salisbury - Andrew Scholefield
  • Marcus Dufont - David Hughes
  • Eva Valencia - Shaun McDermott
  • Maria Valencia - Martina Fiserova
  • TV Presenter - Patricia Smith
  • Cameraman - Andrew Scholfield
  • AA Man - Shaun McDermott


  • Director - Paul Wheeler
  • Box Office - John Drinkwater
  • Publicity - Nicky Ripley
  • Co-ordinator - Sara Wheeler


Images from the production

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