Outside Edge 

 The 'Warford Cricketeers' are preparing for a grudge match against their arch-rivals. Roger, the team Captain, is distracted by the pre-marital and post-marital affairs of his team members. Miriam, his ever-faithful wife, supports him through thick and thin - until she hears a rumour...

Outside Edge revolves around the farcical attempts of Roger to assemble his group of larger than life misfits into a ‘fighting team’ for a local cricket match.

This difficult task is further complicated by the arrival of an entourage of wives and girlfriends.

‘Outside Edge’ was first produced in 1979 in London with a cast which included Julia McKenzie, Maureen Lipman and Julian Curry.

It became a successful TV comedy series in the 1990s, starring Brenda Blethyn, Josie Lawrence and Timothy Spall.


(In order of appearance)

Roger Dervish                       Paul Wheeler
Miriam Dervish                     Janthea Brigden
Bob Wiley                              John Drinkwater
Dennis Broadley                  Chris Virgo
Maggie                                   Sara Wheeler
Kevin                                      Andrew Scholefield
Ginnie Wiley                         Jo Hopkin
Alex                                        Ashley Day
Sharon                                  Jessica Hamish-Wilson


Box Office                   BERYL SNOWDEN
Photographer            NORMAN KENT
Co-ordinator              ALAN STEVENs
Posters                       PAUL WHEELER
Stage management LISA SMITH/JAN HULL

Lighting                       MARK HAMMOND
Construction              ALAN STEVENS
Design                        BERYL SNOWDEN, MARTIN SNOWDEN

Sound                         MICHELLE SCOTT
Front of House          ALAN STEVENS
Publicity                      PAUL WHEELER

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