Noises Off  - 10-13 March 2010

 There is a serious health warning attached to Noises Off - you could experience pain in your sides, paralysis of the mouth and blurred vision, and those who suffer with a weak bladder could be in for big trouble.

But don't despair, it's all symptomatic of spending over two hours constantly laughing. Noises Off is a wonderful antidote to those everyday blues, guaranteed to lift the mood and banish worries.

The story follows the on and off stage antics of a third-rate touring company as they stagger from dress (or undress) rehearsal through to their disastrous final night when anything - and everything - goes wrong.

It's at that stage when the sexual jealousies and rivalries and the romantic dalliances are all laid bare on and off the stage as the actors (in the "play within the play") desperately attempt to hang onto their lines amid chaos and confusion.


Noises Off, Michael Frayn’s Tony award winning, comic masterpiece is not one play, but two. The hilariously horrible, British sex farce, Nothing On, and the comedic nightmare that ensues backstage. Slamming doors, flying props, prat falls, sardines and two-story revolving sets(!) abound as we see the first act of Nothing On presented three times, once in each act of Noises Off.

The first time, it is midnight at the final dress rehearsal and the company is struggling to get the drastically under-rehearsed show ready. Second time, Act Two, it's one month later, and again we see Act One of Nothing On but this time from backstage. The rapidly deteriorating relationships cause mass hysteria and make for some hysterical comedy both backstage and on. By the third time, we are at the end of Nothing On’s twelve-week touring run and witnessing the action from the front again. By now the show has sublimely deconstructed into a mess of adlibbing, set mishaps and the actors seeking revenge upon each other. The more they work to control the situation the funnier and more out of control it gets.

Noises Off is written with a wit and heart that allows it to transcend its medium and become so much more than a mere farce or parody of a farce. It speaks to what we love about theatre and makes us laugh at our dramas, both onstage and off.


Dotty Otley - Wendy Gibbons
Garry Lejeune - Joshua Kay
Brooke Ashton - Kelly Marie Carson
Frederick Fellows - Carl Defriend
Belinda Blair - Sarah de Rousset-Hall
Selsdon Mowbray - Jim Robinson
Lloyd Dallas - David Hughes
Tim Allgood - Sam Cross
Poppy Norton-Taylor - Rachael Broughton


Director - Sara Wheeler
Box Office - Becky Handley
Stage Manager - Nicky Ripley
Asst Stage Manager - Andrew Scholefield
Publicity - Nicky Ripley
Co-Ordinator - John Drinkwater

                                         Scene Change for Noises Off

                                   Set Build Noises Off - Stop Frame  

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