A Midsummer Night's Dream - Jimmys Farm 


LLTC were extremely pleased to perform A Midsummer Nights Dream in August 2009 by special arrangement in the woods of Jimmy's Farm, Ipswich.

This is a tale of two worlds; the human world and the world of the faeries and how these two realms collide.

This is a tale where mortals may love magical immortal fairy queens, and queens may love asses.

This is a comedy of misplaced loves and magic, of desire and misdirection and hidden identity.

This is a night that no mortal of fairy will ever forget, and it is all orchestrated by the mischievous fairy Puck.

This is a story of fools be they mortal or otherwise.


The Nobles

Theseus - Haydn Pryce-Jenkins
Hippolyta - Anne Skelly
Egeus - Steve Brigden
Hermia - Rhea Brigden
Demetrius - Simon Willis
Lysander - Paul Wheeler
Helena - Sara Wheeler
Philostrate - Richard Moyo/Maddie Toye

The Rude Mechanicals

Quince - Steve Brigden
Bottom - Carl DeFriend
Flute - Andrew Scholefield
Starveling - Jim Robinson
Snout - Cai Brigden
Snug - Davd Hughes

The Faeries

Oberon - John Drinkwater
Titania - Janthea Brgden
Puck - Sarah de Rousset-Hall
Poppy - Rachael Broughton
Peaseblossom - Phillipa Toye
Cobweb - Deryn Rhodes
Mustardseed - Jessica Toye
Moth - Kimberly Samuels-Hammond
Changeling Boy - Flynn Brigden


Director - Madeline Toye
Stage Manager - Jan Hull
Box Office - Jimmy's Farm
Co-Ordinator - Alan Stevens 

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