The Merry Wives of Windsor

by William Shakespeare

Wednesday 16th – Saturday 19th November 2011

The Chrysalis, Milton Keynes

Longueville Little Theatre Company (LLTC ) have been selected as a  Royal Shakespeare Company open stages co-production.  The Merry Wives of Windsor is one of Shakespeare’s most popular comedies written with iconic caricatures set like a series of modern comedy sketches .  

The play was written almost like a command variety show with the elements of female liberation and the denigration of males clearly written in for Queen Elizabeth’s benefit.  Merry Wives contains the iconic characters ( or film stars) of the time that people recognise and it is rich with contemporary comic references.

Our play is set on the back lot of a 1950’s “Hollywood” style Film Studio, where “Robin Hood” and other films of the time are in production. Characters assume parallel roles within the status of the film world but stay true to Shakespeare’s creation and text.

The Cast

SHALLOW                                       Carl DeFriend

SLENDER                                        Josh  Kay 

SIR HUGH EVANS                          Graham Healing 

PAGE                                                 Paul Wheeler

FORD                                                Dan OShea

FALSTAFF                                        Steve  Brigden

BARDOLPH/                                    Mick George

NYM /Ford Servant2 / Rugby         Andrew Scholefield

PISTOL/Ford Servant 1                  Chris Szuca

PETER SIMPLE                               Tom Richardson

HOST                                                 Mark Row

MISTRESS PAGE                            Sara Wheeler

MISTRESS FORD                            Jade Gray

MISTRESS QUICKLY                      Liz Rhodes

ANN PAGE                                        Rachel Barnett

FENTON                                            Richard Moyo

ROBIN                                               Nicki  Ripley

DR  CAIUS                                        John Drinkwater  

 Below are some videos produced as part of the Open Stages Project

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