Killing of Sister George 


In this dark comedy by Frank Marcus, Sister George is the goody-goody heroine of Applehurst, an everyday story of country folk, on BBC radio daily. Pop-popping around the village on her scooter, District Nurse Sister George dispenses wisdom and bonhomie to all and sundry, and is as much revered by the nation at large as she is in fictional Applehurst.

However, George represents the nice side of June Buckridge, the actress who plays her on the radio. In her private life, George is a brawling, bullying, hard drinking and abusive lesbian, who is not averse to knocking about her submissive live-in lover, Alice (Childie) McNaught, in order to bend her to her will.

When the BBC decide to kill off Sister George to improve the Applehurst ratings, the sparks really begin to fly.


June Buckridge (Sister George) - Liz Rhodes
Alice “Childie” McNaught - Jo Bowyer
Mrs Mercy Croft - Sara Wheeler
Madame Xenia - Joan Airs


Director - Madeleine Toye
Stage Manager - Beryl Snowden

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