The Importance Of Being Earnest 


Everybody Loves Ernest... But Nobody's Quite Sure Who He Really Is

Oscar Wilde's unique humour and superb wit pokes fun at the established classes of 19th Century England in a story of love, manners and naughty aliases. Written in 1896, it pits Jack (also known as Ernest) against his lifelong friend Algernon (who poses as Ernest) as they pursue the hearts of the fair Gwendolin and Cecily, all under the auspicious eyes of Lady Bracknell.


(In order of appearance)

John Worthing - Paul Dunne
Algernon Moncreiff - Andrew Scholefiled
Rev Canon Chasuble - Chris Virgo
Merriman - Arthur Rowley
Lane - John Drinkwater
Lady Bracknall - Wendy Gibbons
Gwendolen Fairfax - Jessica Hamish-Wilson
Cecily Cardew - Jo Hopkin
Miss Prism - Liz Rhodes



Director - Joan Airs
Stage Manager - Jan Hull
Box Office - Beryl Snowden
Co-Ordinator - Alan Stevens
Construction - Alan Stevens and Crew
Sound - Chad King
Front of House - Alan Stevens and the Company
Assistant Stage Manager - Beryl Snowden
Photograpy - Norman Kent and Paul Wheeler Posters - Paul Wheeler
Lighting - Mark Hammond
Design - Beryl Snowden and Alan Stevens
Wardrobe - Admiral Costumes and the Company
Publicity - Paul Wheeler
Backdrop - Sandy Miller

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