Hotel Paradiso 


The central situation is a disreputable Paris hotel where all but one of the first act's characters meet. The down-trodden husband is offering consolation to a dissatisfied wife of his best friend.

His friend has been sent by the sanitary authorities to investigate ghostly noises in the haunted room suggestive of a defective water tank. A country innocent, an acquaintance of both families, is trying to find cheap accommodation for a large family of daughters.

A studious youth whose subject is Spinoza on Passion, arrives with the parlour maid, who shares his interest in the subject.

The number of rooms and doors are barely equal to the strain of the complications that follow.


Monsieur Boniface – Carl Defriend

Monsieur Cot – John Drinkwater

Angelique – Liz Rhodes

Marcelle – Sara Wheeler

Maxime – Sam Cross

Victoire – Sarah de Rousset-Hall

Monsieur Martin Paul Wheeler

Anniello – Simon Willis

Georges – Andrew Scholefield

Tabu – Marius

The Duke – Richard Moyo

The Lady – Martina Fiserova

 Inspector - David Hughes

Policeman - Richard Moyo

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