Dead On Nine 

 Tom Hammond lunged for Esmeralda, gripping her in a passionate embrace...

No, this is not an extract from the latest Mills and Boon novel, but a scene from 'Dead on Nine', the latest production from LLTC.
And the excitement doesn't end there! As well as blossoming romance, Jack Popplewell's acclaimed play includes a dark agenda of deception, mistrust and murder.

This drama is a brilliant fly-on-the-wall insight of a husband and wife embarking on a tit-for-tat campaign of murder plots against each other, spurred on by their hate for one another and extra-marital liaisons.

Robert is a man trapped by his wife, Esmeralda, in an unhappy marriage, and driven to thoughts of murder after she refuses to divorce him.
Esmeralda Leigh is the rich wife, holding the purse strings and, in turn, her husband. Her haughty, clever persona deviously devises a macabre end for the husband that tried to have her murdered.

Marion Dale is the faithful secretary, talked into agreeing to pull the trigger.
Esmeralda's lover and accomplice, Tom Hammond is an Canadian farmer settling back into England while Detective Richard Farrow's character continuallly gnaws away at the evidence.


Tom Hammond                     John Drinkwater

Robert Leigh                          Paul Wheeler

Marion Dale                            Beryl Snowden

Esmeralda Leigh                  Sara Wheeler

Richard Farrow                      Paul Dunne

Gladys, the maid:                 Joan Airs

Leslie Booth:                         Andrew Scholefield


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