Confusions is the overall title for five playlets that are loosely linked with undertones of human eccentricities and the dilemma of loneliness. They are set in a living room, a bar, a restaurant, a marquee and a park.

The first – Mother Figure – portrays a woman, socially marooned for most of the day with her young children, who is unable to escape from using baby talk while entertaining her neighbours.

In Drinking Companion a commercial traveller tries his hand at seduction with either or both of two perfume salesgirls.

Between Mouthfuls deals with two couples eating at separate tables in a restaurant. There are previous links between them but at first the couples do not communicate with each other. As a waiter hovers between the tables we hear only the snatches of conversation that he hears.

Described by one national director as “probably the best short comedy ever written”, Gosforth’s Fête is a romp at a garden bazaar. Nothing goes according to plan and an illicit affaire is made public in typical Ayckbourn style.

A Talk in the Park brings the play to a close with five individuals on park benches baring their souls in one-sided conversations.


Mother Figure

Lucy Compton - Elaine Greenall
Rosemary Oates - Beryl Snowden
Terry Oates - Jim Robinson
Harry Compton - Paul Wheeler

Drinking Companion

Harry Compton - Paul Wheeler
Paula - Becky Handley
Waiter - Richard Moyo
Bernice - Sara Wheeler

Between Mouthfuls

Waiter - Ben Archer
Pearce - Ken Heanes
Mrs Pearce (Emma) - Madeline Toye
Martin Chalmers - Sam Cross
Polly Chalmers - Nickey Ripley

Gosforth's Fete

Milly Carter - Elaine Greenall
Mrs Pearce (Emma) - Wendy Gibbons
Gosforth (Gordon) - David Jones
Vicar (Rev John Braithwaite) - Arthur Rowley
Stewart Stokes - Andrew Scholefield

A Talk in the Park

Arthur - Andrew Scholefield
Beryl - Becky Handley
Charles - Jim Robinson
Doreen - Beryl Snowden
Ernest - Richard Moyo


Director - John Greenall
Stage Manager - Jan Hull
Prompt - Joan Airs
Voice Coach - Madeline Toye
Set Design and construction - Alan Stevens and Beryl Snowden
Sound - Rafal Gucwa and Paul James
Lighting - Mark Hammond
Front of House - Paul Dunne and the Company

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