Body Language 

In a peaceful rural clinic, Benjamin Cooper provides comfort and satisfaction to his wealthy patients, by improving their good looks with the aid of surgery.

One of his patients Angie Dell, a model at the peak of her powers, recovering from having a minor blemish removed from her backside.

Her charms do not escape Benjamin, nor his old friends and former mentor, the infamous surgeon Hravic Zyergefoovc, who is on a private visit at the clinic. With two such high-profile visitors, the media cannot be kept at bay: out of the bushes pops Derek, the paparazzo, while a radio journalist, the overweight Jo, tries to interview Hravic with some pointed questions about ethics.

Tempers rise, but the real drama begins when Angie’s estranged husband, the ageing rocker Mal, arrives in a borrowed helicopter to win Angie back with a gift.

There is an awful accident; but never fear, Hravic knows exactly how to save them.....  


Hravic Zyergefoovc     Chris Virgo
Freya Roope              Joan Airs
Benjamin Cooper       John Drinkwater
Ronnie Weston          Ron Hale
Angie Dell                 Sara Wheeler
Derek Short               Andrew Scholefield
Jo Knapton                Lee Noble
Mal Bennet                Paul Dunne

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