Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Wednesday 30th March 2011 till Saturday 2nd April 2011

Guilty or Not Guilty?

That is the question that will be facing you if you come along to LLTC’s next production?  The court room drama will be played out during the first act and then the audience(as the jury) will be asked to decide whether the defendant is guilty or not.

The second half of the play then shows exactly what did happen and whether the audience had given the correct verdict.Do you think you’ve got what it takes to decide “Beyond Reasonable Doubt” if the murderer is guilty or not.


Accused of the wilful murder of his terminally ill wife, Sir David Metcalf finds himself locked in legal combat with his old rival, Anthony Blair-Booth QC. After a tense and gripping courtroom scene Act I ends just as we are about to hear the jury's verdict. Act 11 takes us back in time to the fateful night of Lady Metcalfe's death and ends with a surprising twist.

This play enjoyed a successful run in London's West End, with Frank Finlay and Wendy Craig in the leading roles. It's much more than a courtroom drama. It's a compelling love story and it's got the lot -laughter, tears and tension



Court Usher                                                  Wendy Gibbons

Clerk of the Court                                         Jim Robinson

Justice Treadwell                                        Carl de Friend

Anthony Blair-Booth                                     Paul Wheeler

DCI Travis                                                     Andrew Scholefield

Sir David Metcalfe                                       John Drinkwater

Mrs Eileen Rogers                                       Liz Rhodes

Dr John Weedon                                          Mike George

Lionel Hamilton                                           Simon Willis

Cole                                                                Richard Moyo

Pierson                                                          Josh Kay

Stenographer                                               Jacky Kitchiner

Lady Metcalfe                                               Sara Wheeler


Publicity photographs by Frazer Waller

Beyond  Reasonable Doubt - performed by LLTC
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