A Bedfull Of Foreigners

Meet Stanley and Brenda. They’re on a foreign holiday and have just found the last room within a four hour drive.

Meet Heinz and Karak, the hotel owner and his handyman. They go together like fire and water.

Meet Claude and Helga. Helga is surprising Claude on his birthday in a room that has been mistakenly double booked with Stnaley and Brenda.

Now meet Simone – she is a cabaret dancer and Claude’s mistress and is arriving early to surprise him

The rest is a chaotic ride through mistaken identities, misunderstandings and impossible twists… and somehow it all works out for the best in the end.



(In order of appearance)

Karak - John Greenall
Heinz - Jim Robinson
Brenda Parker - Jo Hopkin
Stanley Parker - John Drinkwater
Helga Philby - Sara Wheeler
Claude Philby - Andrew Sholefield
Simone - Elaine Greenall 


Director - Paul Wheeler
Stage Manager - Jan Hull
Box Office - Beryl Snowden
Co-Ordinator - Alan Stevens
Construction - Alan Stevens, Martin Snowden and Crew
Sound - Michelle Scott
Front of House - Alan Stevens and the Company
Prompt - Maddie Toye
Photograpy - Norman Kent
Posters - Paul Wheeler
Lighting - Mark Hammond
Design - Beryl Snowden and Alan Stevens
Wardrobe - Admiral Costumes and the Company
Publicity - Paul Wheeler 

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