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This is the page where you can purchase tickets for members-only and invitation-only events. The idea is that it should make it much easier to collect money for these social events and therefore increase the number of social events organised by the company. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Note: This page is not linked to the rest of the site so you have to remember the link!

2013 Christmas Party Ticket

£ 27 

LLTC will be celebrating Christmas with dinner at La Collina (aka The George) from 7pm on Thursday 14th December 2013.
The menu is below. The ticket price excludes drinks and includes Paypal fees. You can pay by alternative methods - see the email from Liz or contact her directly for details.
LLTC Xmas Dinner Menu 2013.pdf LLTC Xmas Dinner Menu 2013.pdf
Size : 262.26 Kb
Type : pdf
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