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The Longueville Little Theatre Company (LLTC) was founded in 1977 by a professional actor Dermot Lee Baker. We normally stage three productions a year in March June and November. We also normally produce a Variety Show in September.


10th July 2014

Dear All,

It is with great regret that we have to inform you that the Longueville Little Theatre company (LLTC) has been unable to vote in a full committee for the 2014/15 season during our AGM held on the 10th July 2014.

Therefore in accordance with the constitution, we had no choice but to dissolve the company as per the provisions of said constitution.

The decision was reluctantly made by all members present at the AGM, thus providing the five sixths of a majority required.

After consultation with the members present we have begun the process of dissolution, such as division of assets, which will be going to other local theatre and arts associations with similar goals to LLTC.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank every member and patron, past and present, all of their friends, family and people we cajoled into "volunteering" to support the group over the last 37 years.

Lastly, we would also like to thank our audience for your attendance.

We are very proud of everything that the group achieved, and we hope to commemorate this in an appropriate manner.

If anyone has any questions, please direct them to the 2013-14 committee who will be handling the dissolution of the company on behalf of its membership.

Thank you again for all your support.

Kindest regards.

LLTC Committee 2013-14

"We are such things as dreams are made on"

Our Annual General Meeting is held in July when we elect our Committee. Membership to our company was open to everyone over the age of 7 and it is not necessary to have acting experience, there are lots of non-acting activities which are very important, e.g. Set Construction, Back Stage, Front of House etc. We normally rehearsed in Little Brickhill Community Centre.

The LLTC constitution and AGM documents are at the bottom of the page.

LLTC Documents

Constitution - 2012 rev.pdf Constitution - 2012 rev.pdf
Size : 234.257 Kb
Type : pdf
Agenda - LLTC AGM 2013.pdf Agenda - LLTC AGM 2013.pdf
Size : 106.479 Kb
Type : pdf
LLTC AGM July 2013.pdf LLTC AGM July 2013.pdf
Size : 180.368 Kb
Type : pdf
LLTC AGM July 2012.pdf LLTC AGM July 2012.pdf
Size : 165.509 Kb
Type : pdf

Mission Statement

LLTC exists for the enjoyment of its members - whether on or off stage - and of anyone who attends its performances. It achieves these aims mainly by presenting plays and other stage productions. It also arranges other social and cultural events for its members.

The company seeks always to achieve the highest possible standards of production and stage presentation.

The company supports other theatre groups and, where appropriate, it acts in collaboration with them.

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